Wycon has chosen Fiona May as the face of the new limited edition collection that celebrates all-round feminine beauty.

WYCONIC is the special WYCON cosmetics collection inspired and dedicated to Women with a capital W. Women who reflect the character of the brand, like Fiona May, who fully interprets the WYCON philosophy and vision: the courage to be themselves; strong, unique women, who have broken through the glass ceiling in their field which is often monopolized by men.To Wycon, Fiona May is a woman who symbolises absolute femininity, thanks to her sporting successes she has obtained through strength, grit and determination. With a sporting and professional career studded with great victories, the Olympic athlete has also succeeded in balancing her career and her important personal successes, such as becoming a mother to two daughters, thus becoming an all-round icon of femininity.Wycon wants to capture and portray the radiance and proactivity of Fiona May in a collection dedicated to the champion, to inspire all women to face even their smallest battles. A clean and simple style, but with great strength and impact that enhances the look.The limited edition includes 5 essential make-up products.Cream concealer Cover Shape Concealer is ideal to give the face and eye area excellent coverage, with great comfort and a natural lumi-matte finish. The look is enhanced by the Oblique Tip Eyeliner, ultra black with very thin oblique tip that allows precise, thin and artistic application. The eye look is completed by the Amazing Mascara, which gives the eyelashes an exceptional volume effect, together with curling and lengthening, while the lips become intense and delicately sensual with the Lip Veil, the no smudge and long lasting liquid lipstick for a super velvety feel. And finally, the Ultimate Skin Touch the mineral powder that, thanks to the pearls and pigments that it contains, evens out the complexion and gives a natural brightness with its soft and impalpable texture.