A blonde wig. It’s reminiscent of Debbie Harry, but the intricately curled, crinkled locks skim over less gentle, delicate features.

The eyes are unmistakable, overemphasised with eyeliner strokes, smoky black pencil and very dark eyeshadow that distort the gaze,

making it profound, elaborate, magnetic, playing with what should be the arch of the eyebrows. It’s none other than La Stryxia.

From the stage, it observes the world around it, the wildlife of Milanese nights, occasionally lit up by strobe lights, flashes from a few Polaroids or smartphones.

A life playing with plastic, enveloping its audience with the sound of the most cherished Italian songs of the '70s and' 80s, the gems of that period, some B-sides and rarities known only to the elect.

Renato Zero, Loredana Bertè, Raffella Carrà, Mina, Mia Martini... Every record, every track, every melody reaches their bodies, their souls and their minds: they’re in the hands of La Stryxia. Who is it really?

An icon.

An entity that manifests itself every night, invoked by fans, doesn’t have a genre, doesn’t have an age. Always true to itself, always in the spotlight, immutable, like an idol, a simulacrum of disco music.

Not a drag queen, not a constructed character. La Stryxia – clearly inspired by the Stryx variety show of 1978 with Tony Renis – is the expression of a personality, that of those who choose ... not to choose. Black or white, man or woman, good or bad: we’d say “do what you like” today, with an international mood in line with the WYCON cosmetics philosophy. And it is precisely the innovative make-up brand that is once again alerting its beauty community of a new WYCONIC format face, dedicated to those who enjoy make-up by tying it into their own story, modern inspirations in their small yet big realities. “For me, powders, eye pencils and lip gloss are the tools that tell a part of me, without wondering if a man can use them, just like clothes,” says Graziano, the personal alter ego of La Stryxia. “I have always been attracted by appearance, by something that can give me visual pleasure, without hints of superficiality but simply aesthetic intelligence which, twenty years ago, led me to free myself from prejudices – even more apparent then than today – and decide to wear a wonderfully suggestive one-piece outfit or a fantastic dress made of billowing silk, to adopt an original hairstyle and to reach for the lipstick, without wishing to be a woman or imitate her silhouette fictitiously. No rules, no-one excluded.” And the capsule collection that bears its name are the essential colours for that striking clubbers’ look, for those who love to play with make-up, with paints and with finishes on the streets of a metropolis that never sleeps, as in the smallest suburban village – in tribute to the Saturday night divas brought back to life by La Stryxia note after note.