The body is a shell, a cradle, a nest, a warm embrace that is unique and only ours — decidedly “made to measure”. But what size?

Narrow, broad, short... adjectives which in front of a mirror turn into criticisms, judgments or comments that are whispered behind our backs or shouted in our face, arrogantly and immodestly, by a superficial society that prefers to standardise everything and place each individual in a labelled compartment.

Then, shapes force us, suffocate us, render us inelegant with their weight until we find our size.

And it is at that moment that we find ourselves and see who we really are, in the gaze of those who love us, those who notice us and those who stop to admire us in the street.

WYCONIC’s seventh encounter in the series dedicated to the everyday “testimonials” that WYCON dedicates to the modern heroes and heroines of our time, addresses: shapes, measurements, and self-acceptance, in any size. With Elisa d’Ospina, curvy model and ambassador for the Ministry of Health for healthy eating campaigns and the face of the new capsule collection make-up, the keyword linked to these stories is PRIDE.

Pride for a body that is beautiful because it is healthy, because it is appreciated—above all by ourselves—, shown with pride but without being exhibited.

The body becomes a source of security and great seduction—celebrating beauty that is pure, genuine, and truly unique, soft and curvaceous, and ultra-feminine—the fruit of pleasures but without embellishment, reflecting the Italian and Mediterranean aesthetics that everyone envies and imagines

when they think of Italy’s most representative divas.

This beauty is exalted on the face by the limited edition WYCONIC ELISA D’OSPINA, with bold natural and red colours caressing the eyelids and lips, while the eyes feature warm tones, defined using a black eye pencil and a strong yet delicate mascara that volumises and emphasises the Mediterranean gaze.

With a focus on the concealer, available in 5 shades, because—as Elisa teaches—“dark circles and imperfections have no size!”.

All enclosed in a fashionable and magical pack, with luxurious black ribbons, in order to be noticed and shown with magic and sensuality.