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WYCON Cosmetics

WYCON COSMETICS is an Italian brand founded in 2009, the brains behind which are Gianfranco Satta, entrepreneur and important distributor in the women's cosmetics sector and Raffaella Pagano, Product Manager, an expert in the world of make-up and body care.

An important growth, based on a philanthropic-inspired mission.

What matters most about a journey is to never stop travelling.

The idea behind the project was simple yet complex at the same time: to break the pattern of the cosmetics market, characterised exclusively by brands that offer products at extortionate prices, to offer everyone the opportunity to buy high quality Make-Up, Skin Care and Body Care collections, at the right price and make them accessible to all. Their experience in the sector, knowledge of the entire production chain and beauty trends, were the basis for creating a retail concept that met the wishes of everyday consumers: their intuition led to the elimination of expensive intermediate steps between producer and consumer, instead investing in the quality of textures and skinfeel whilst maintaining a very competitive market position.

Why pay more for a product when it’s really not worth it? This was the question to which WYCON cosmetics responded with the creation of its first store, offering a collection entirely Made in Italy. This response was appreciated by consumers making the brand one of the current market leaders in Italy, with more than 200 single-brand stores in major cities, in addition to a presence in Portugal, Greece, Romania, France, Kosovo, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Serbia, Malta, Switzerland, Georgia and the Middle East.

The experience of the partners who founded the brand

The passion of the team that gave life to their vision.


  • 2009


  • 2012

    Start up franchising project

  • 2014

    100 stores reached

  • 2016

    49% growth vs 2014

  • 2015

    Extra eurpean openings

  • 2014

    Rebranding & new logo

  • 2017

    More than 200 stores reached

  • 2018

    Opening in middle east

  • 2019

    Opening in the Arab Emirates

  • 2019

    180% growth vs 2015



Make-up doesn’t hide but reveals your personality. Gives the courage to be yourself.

We want the make-up to strengthen your character, giving you the security needed to break the mould.

May our mascara be with you when you see your goals.

May our lipstick give you the courage you need to capture that kiss.

May our blush be there to cover the shyness of an unexpected compliment.

Show the world who you are, without fear, and never hide away.

WYCON Cosmetics
WYCON Cosmetics


For too long, make-up has NOT been considered to be for everyone. THE REVOLUTION has begun; make-up has changed and expresses endless personalities. Beauty holds no prejudice, it is universal and democratic.


Not just a claim, but a true and real BEAUTY REVOLUTION which gives a voice to MAKE-UP LOVERS

Those who have indulged their passion for make-up, bending the rules

Those whose lipstick has taught them a new way to smile

Those who swim against the tide and wearing mascara, have found the courage to show who they really are.


The Heart of Beauty is a charity project launched in 2015 by WYCON cosmetics to support and finance community projects. A concrete support able to really help non-profit organisations which are active in Italy. A solid role played by the brand, to give strength to those who live in times of difficulty, so that they have the determination to get up and keep going, despite the difficulties that life sometimes throws at us. The Heart of Beauty stems from an ethical need expressed by its founders: it is no longer possible for a brand to behave as a separate organisation, nor to think only in terms of profit; companies are made up of people, emotions are important and human relationships, a fundamental value.

From this need, wycon will always try to be close to you, our friends, to thank you for the trust that you put in to our brand every dayby choosing our products.