These regulations govern participation in the loyalty programme called WYCON FAN promoted by the company WYCON S.p.A with registered office at Piazza IV Novembre 4, 20124 Milan (MI), VAT No. 02317910186.

All participants in the WYCON Fan loyalty programme can consult these regulations:

  • on the website;
  • on request at WYCON cosmetics points of sale.

The original copy will also be held at the registered office of WYCON S.p.A.



To facilitate the reading of this document, the following abbreviations will be used hereafter:

  • WYCON Fan loyalty programme regulations at the “Rules and Regulations” 
  • WYCON Fan loyalty programme at the “Programme” 
  • WYCON Fan programme participants at “Participants” 
  • WYCON S.p.a. at “WYCON” 
  • WYCON cosmetics stores at “Stores” 
  • The website at the “Website”



The Programme allows all Participants to receive discounts, promotions and services, valid on the Website and at all Stores. These benefits may be granted by virtue of simple participation in the Programme or upon the achievement of a series of targets through a point collecting scheme (hereinafter referred to as “W-coins”).



The Programme will start on 01/01/2023 and end on 31/12/2023.

Any extensions will be reported in good time in the updated Programme Rules and Regulations, available on the Website and at all Stores.



Participation in the Programme is individual and takes place by means of registration, which is completely free of charge for any natural person aged 16 or older.

Registration takes place by means of a registration procedure that can be carried out on the Website or in Stores.

During registration, all information marked as mandatory must be provided accurately. If incomplete information is provided, it will not be possible to register with the Programme or, consequently, collect W-coins or access the benefits available to Participants.

Registration will take place upon completion of the procedure.

Only people who purchase items for personal or family use will be able to participate in the Programme. Purchases made by holders of a VAT number issued for commercial or professional activities are therefore excluded.



Every Participant can collect 1 W-coin for every €1 spent at WYCON cosmetics points of sale or on the website

No W-coins will be counted or, therefore, credited to Participants for purchases of less than €1 or fractions of €1.

All paid-for products and services available on the Website or in Stores generate the accumulation of W-coins. Only purchases paid for partially or entirely with E-WOW GIFT CARDS and WOW GIFT CARDS will not generate any accumulation of W-coins (for the portion of the value of the receipt paid for with E-WOW GIFT CARDS and WOW GIFT CARDS).

E-WOW GIFT CARDS and WOW GIFT CARDS only generate the accumulation of the relative W-coins when purchased.

For the entire duration of the Programme, Participants will be given the opportunity to accelerate their collection of W-coins by awarding “extra” W-coins based on their participation in specific promotional activities, marketing initiatives and/or services promoted by WYCON.

It will not be possible to collect W-coins for purchases where the Participant is not identified by means of the procedures provided for by the Programme. It will not be possible to accumulate those W-coins subsequently.

In the event that purchased products for which W-coins have been awarded are returned in full or in part, WYCON will revoke the awarded W-coins, in proportion to the amount refunded and based on the number of W-coins awarded by virtue of the purchase.

W-coins will be credited and accounted for by the system within 48 hours. In the even of technical issues, it may take longer to credit them.

Participants will be able to accumulate W-coins until 31/12/2023.



Participants will also be able to collect W-coins by virtue of purchases made in Stores within the Territories specified in the following table:

MONGOLIA              3000 MNT = 1 W-coin

RUSSIA                     100 RUB = 1 W-coin

LEBANON                 2000 LBP = 1 W-coin

UKRAINE                    50 UAH = 1 W-coin

SWITZERLAND              1 CFH = 1 W-coin

GEORGIA                      5 GEL = 1 W-coin

SERBIA                     200 RSD = 1 W-coin

The collection of W-coins will allow them to be used for the purposes of achieving the relative levels of participation and taking advantage of the benefits provided for by these Rules and Regulations.



The WYCON Fan programme is divided into three levels of participation, each of which entitles Participants to benefit from discounts and benefits. Those benefits are characteristic of the level of participation.


6.1. Follower

Upon registration, Participants enter the Programme at the FOLLOWER level. At this level, Participants can:

  • Accumulate W-coins
  • Receive discounts and promotions available to all customers in the loyalty programme
  • €5 discount on your first purchase on a minimum purchase of €29.90
  • Receive a 10% discount on your birthday


6.2. Lover

When Participants reach 150 W-coins, they will automatically move on to the LOVER level. At this level, Participants can:

  • Accumulate W-coins
  • Receive discounts and promotions available to all customers in the loyalty programme
  • Receive a 10% discount on a range of products not on promotion
  • Receive a 15% discount on your birthday


6.3. Ambassador

When Participants reach 500 W-coins, they will all automatically move on to the AMBASSADOR level. At this level, Participants can:

  • Accumulate W-coins
  • Receive discounts and promotions available to all customers in the loyalty programme
  • Receive a 15% discount on a range of products not on promotion
  • Receive a 20% discount on your birthday


7.    W-coin BALANCE

W-coins collected through participation in the Programme will be recorded in an electronic account held and administered by WYCON.

Participants will be able to find out the value of their W-coin balance from purchase receipts provided for payments made in one of the Stores or in the customer “Personal Account” on the Website.

W-coins obtained upon making purchases are personal and are associated with one Participant only. W-coins accumulated by a Participant are associated with that Participant only and cannot be transferred to other Participants.

If a Participant wishes to make any complaint regarding his/her own W-coin balance, they must do so in writing and send it to customer services within 30 days from viewing their balance.

Objections must be accompanied by sufficient documentation. WYCON S.p.A. will check Participant objections. The W-coin balance is deemed to be approved if no claims are made within the period specified above.

W-coins will expire on 31/12/2023. At midnight the following day, every Participant’s W-coins will be cancelled and all Participants will return to the Follower level.



WYCON may revoke or change the Programme procedures for just cause pursuant to Article 1990 of the Italian Civil Code.

Participants will be informed of early termination or suspension (with the respective consequences) at least 30 days in advance or, in relation to suspension, with as much advance notice as possible or immediately after said suspension at the latest.

This notice may be provided by WYCON via its Website and will be available at all Stores.



Participants may end their own participation in the Programme at any time by simply accessing their own Personal Area on the Website or sending a cancellation request via email to [email protected] or by post to WYCON S.p.A. at Piazza IV Novembre, 4 - 20124 Milan.

WYCON may exclude a Participant from the Programme, revoking their registration with immediate effect for just cause, providing the Participant with written notice containing an indication of the relative reasons. Just cause includes but is not limited to fraudulent or unlawful participation in the Programme or other breaches of the Rules and Regulations or applicable laws. This situation means that it will no longer be possible to accumulate W-coins on purchases made and will bring about the loss of the benefits connected with participation in the Programme (promotional and/or marketing activities reserved for Participants).



WYCON reserves the right to supplement or change the Rules and Regulations, ensuring that the changes made do not harm the rights acquired by Participants. Any changes will be reported to Participants by means of special notices on the Website and in all Stores.



The personal data of Participants will be processed by WYCON in the capacity of data controller, in accordance with the provisions of European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and subsequent amendments and/or additions, including through the use of electronic equipment for purposes connected with the complete implementation of the Programme.

A copy of the privacy notice is available on the Website and in Stores.



For any question or complaint, cancellation requests and any information concerning the Programme, all Participants may contact the dedicated customer services department by writing to [email protected].

Requests for clarifications concerning W-coin balances must be received by the customer services department within 7 days for purchases made in Stores and on the Website.