WYCONIC is the container for the WYCON cosmetics special collections — make-up collections inspired by and dedicated to Women with a capital W. Women who reflect the character of the brand, who fully understand the WYCON philosophy and vision, who have the courage to be themselves, strong, unique women, who stand alone in their field in an area often monopolised by men. The WYCONIC project involves launching capsule collections created with special women: icons of determination, symbols of affirmation and women's emancipation, extraordinary testimonials of the Wycon philosophy "SHOW THE WORLD WHO YOU ARE."

To launch our first special collection we have joined forces with the famous African-American artist, the queen of afro and house music ANANÉ.

ANANÉ - Born in Cape Verde, as a child she fought against female stereotypes imposed by a family who saw women as restricted to family and household duties: her dream was to become an artist, and she worked hard to reach her goal. Finally after a few years, with a little money in her pocket and a one-way ticket, she worked up the courage to move to the global capital: NYC. Charismatic and beautiful, she was discovered by Click Model Agency, with whom she began studying dance and drama. Meeting the world famous DJ "Little" Louie Vega catapulted her into a new nocturnal world: by his side, thanks to her powerful and unique voice, the two create unforgettable artistic moments together.  During an evening at SubMercer in Soho she was invited to play on the console: the audience went wild for her musical selection, mixing different genres with magical harmony. From there began her unparalleled career as a DJ: Anané now has a great many accomplishments to her name, including her live "One Dream" performance at the Super Bowl with Cirque du Soleil, her invitation to perform at President Obama's Ambassadors Ball and her appearance for Nelson Mandela's Party, the African National Congress, as the only female artist performing and speaking in front of 10,000 children, using the opportunity to promote her message of women's empowerment and the courage to be yourself.  Anané is now among the most sought after artists in the world: she was resident for two years at the Blue Marlin and Ushuaia in Ibiza to name a few, and her "Sunset Ritual" party reaches the most biggest beaches in Ibiza, Formentera, Italy and Greece every year. Anané also runs her own music labels, Nulu Music and Nulu Electronic, boasting artists from all over Africa, the US and Europe, bringing the afro-electronic sound to a global audience. Her new party Nulu Movement is also in full swing, featuring her labels' best artists, as well as her own incredible presence, for an evening full of the best international music.

THE WYCON ANANÉ COLLECTION – Together WYCON and ANANÉ have created a make-up collection with all the cosmopolitan and feminine vibes shared by company and artist: the focus is on the lips and eyes, which are accentuated to emphasise the wearer's personality thanks to the carefully selected colour palette. Anané's greatest musical achievements are brought to life through the shades of the products bearing the names of her songs, creating a colour playlist: My Sweet Love, Spirit of Light, Namaste, Guerrera, Amore mio, Madame X, Scream of Passion ...