"We should become more attached to people than things."

This is the starting point for Lucille's journey, a girl with smiling eyes and arms full of drawings. She opens the doors of her "ROOTS" in the centre of Milan, where the smell of homemade cakes fills the air. It is Saturday morning and today the shop is offering breakfast to customers. Her passion for tattoos started when Lucille was thirty and she decided to leave a job she did not like to stop dreaming and start living a beautiful reality: ROOTS is much more than a TATTOO SHOP, it is a place where people work in harmony, surrounded by exclusive items resulting from new collaborations, a multipurpose space, a creative living room where enthusiasm is the background music.

That's why WYCON cosmetics has chosen Lucille as the second face of the WYCONIC project, limited edition collections inspired by and dedicated to Women with a capital W. Female emancipation of beauty, which has become synonymous with talent, independence, excellence and courage, success stories of princesses who save themselves. With WYCON, Lucille has made a capsule collection of entirely vegan cosmetics, which characterise her in inspirational values and stylistic mood: black and white packaging dedicated to old school tattoos, concealing colours that recall nature, in its most intense shades. In keeping with Lucille's spirit, the brand has used a special innovative environmentally friendly paper made from algae from the Venetian Lagoon. A capsule collection that is bold and gritty, like Lucille, like her look, like her being as a woman.

WYCON cosmetics believes in the power of femininity, one that speaks in aloud voice with head held high, that does not fear judgement and excludes the prejudice that make-up is only for use on the face