Fabric leggings with a draining action

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Fabric leggings with a draining action*. Single-use treatment that helps drain fluids and reduce swelling, promoting the feeling of light, weightless legs. The formula is enriched with Epsom salt, in association with sodium chloride, a combo that promotes the elimination of excess fluids -90ml.

*Cosmetic action that does not lead to weight loss. The treatment should be combined with a healthy lifestyle and exercise

WARNINGS: External use. Avoid contact with damaged or irritated skin.



Wear the treatment on clean, dry skin – like comfortable leggingsLeave for 60 minutes. At the end of the treatment, take a lukewarm shower to remove salt residue. To be repeated once a week, for at least 4 weeks
After treatment, remember to use the anti-cellulite body cream with a massaging action to prolong the draining action.

Malgrado il costante impegno profuso dal nostro team nel pronto aggiornamento delle liste ingredienti pubblicate, è fatto espresso avviso che le stesse sono suscettibili di variazioni e pertanto si raccomanda al cliente di tenere in precisa considerazione e riferimento, la lista ingredienti riportata sui packaging dei prodotti.

Instrumental clinical tests, carried out on 20 women show that after using only once for 60 minutes, an average decrease in thigh circumference of 1,2 cm is obtained.
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