Seduction, boldness and beauty: discover MAGNETICENT!

A complete range of indispensable products designed for those who want to express their personality through bold and super glam make-up, giving every look a touch of irresistible magnetism.

The heart of the collection includes a new and extraordinary selection of eyeshadows, where each color tells a unique story:


MATT: For an intense and sophisticated look, our matte eyeshadows offer a full and velvety color that lasts all day. Ideal for both daily looks and to intensify evening make-up.

HYBRIDS: A perfect mix that combines the softness of a cream and the finish of a long-lasting powder. The hybrid eyeshadows give a multidimensional finish that can embellish with a single application any make-up.

SHIMMER: Let your eyes shine with the magic of shimmer eye shadow! With their intense brightness, they are perfect to add a touch of glamour and make your every special moment shine.


Experiment, shine and make your mark with MAGNETICENT.