Be good to your skin!


Every skin has its own needs and we are ready to take care of it!

SKIN POWER – NEW DROP is the new selection of professional skincare products in addition to the SKIN POWER collection, formulated to meet the needs of all skin types (combination, oily, dry, anti-aging and anti-blemish)

Our wide range of products has been designed to take care of your skin at every step of the skincare routine.

Start with cleansing using the SOFT DAILY CLEANSER – GEL TO MOUSSE or the ULTRA GENTLE – MOUSSE, perfect for removing makeup and impurities. Continue with one of our scrubs to exfoliate and smooth your skin, before applying a face and eye mask, deeply moisturising your skin. After removing the mask, apply your favourite serums (yes, you can apply up to a total of 3!) and then finish with the cream that best suits you.

NEW IN: SKIN REPAIR – CLARIFYING CREAM and CLARIFYING SERUM are perfect for an anti-blemish routine. This combo guarantees a uniform skin tone, bright complexion and reduction of skin spots... try it to believe it!

Our new brushes will truly pamper skin during the skincare routine. Use them all and recreate a perfect SPA at home.

And for the body? We have thought about that too! Our new SILKY FEEL – HYDRATING AND REPARING BODY CREAM is perfect for any skin type... even the driest.

Discover all our products and choose the ones that best suit you!


Beauty is in the skin!