BLAZING DOTS is a complete collection created to respond creatively and intelligently to the demands of beauty addicts the world over: foundation, primer, eyeshadows, powders and brushes are united by the common theme of the collection, a dynamic and colourful set that recalls the explosion that gives it its name thanks to the presence of the circles, points and bright colours that entice you to pick up and test all the different products. The goal is to create an all-round collection that throws open the doors to a new boundless creativity. The balanced, high-performance formulas are guaranteed to be light and long-lasting, ideal for building durable bases that act as a canvas for wonderful technique practices that bring breathtaking looks to life. With brushes, everything becomes easier: BLAZING DOTS provides three precision tools, ideal for experimenting with blending or building new light compositions that highlight your natural facial features in just a few steps. Of course, the eye plays its part too: knowing how to enhance the sensuality of your look is, after all, one of the cornerstones of make-up. BLAZING DOTS responds with four dedicated products, opening a new range of possibilities starting with the certainties of black, which is capable of giving depth and mystery, through to brighter colours, which are decisive and high-impact and speak of a woman who is always searching for new challenges and horizons. And the finishing touch? A creamy lipstick, which is delicate on the lips but intensely pigmented, for long-lasting, fade-free colour.