A limited edition range promoting a return to the roots with natural, ultra-high-performance formulas and a special regard for environmental protection.

The BACK TO THE ROOTS limited edition stems not only from WYCON COSMETICS requirement to broaden its already comprehensive range of make-up products boasting very high standards, but also from the desire to establish itself as an attentive brand, concerned with the sensitive environmental issues that are brought to our attention on a daily basis. The entirely natural formulas, promising high quality in every detail, perfectly convey the idea of the dedication and research efforts undertaken by WYCON COSMETICS in this area. However, ‘natural’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘sustainable’. That’s why ‘taking care’ when creating products also means using secondary packaging made from 100% recycled, and more importantly, recyclable paper. This actively contributes towards reducing the highly polluting disposal processes, which are among the main causes of the current climate emergency.

BACK TO THE ROOTS is a full range designed to guarantee a fresh and high-performance beauty routine. Make-up products enriched with a special mix of natural ingredients selected to combat the harmful effects of free radicals, hydrate and nourish skin, restoring its freshness and elasticity. The delicate and lightweight textures make applying these products easy and enjoyable, while the matte finish that most of the products in the range offer, offers a radiant and uniform look. This spring, with its BACK TO THE ROOTS collection, WYCON COSMETICS awakens in us, not only the desire to feel beautiful again after the long winter months, but also the desire to help safeguard a planet which is undeniably our only home. And we must take care of it with the same passion and dedication with which we enjoy taking care of ourselves.