The warm rays of the sun awaken the skin and illuminate the face. It’s the time of year again when everything is reborn and flourishes once more. For Spring 2019, Wycon creates a journey to discover the nuances of the season, a journey to be told through the reflections and magic of exquisitely fresh climates. The crisp morning wind begins to get warmer and the first cherry blossoms start to bloom.Spring is here, and Wycon offers an explosion of delicate and specific nuances, which together make up and brighten the face, ranging from warmer tones such as cherry red, to more neutral tones such as nude and peach. The new line presents innovative and extremely glamorous products, destined to become the beauty-kit cult for the lips, face and eyes. For the lips, the brand has new glosses that, made with mustard sprout extract, nourish and volumise the lips. For a matte effect, full and vibrant coloured lipsticks enrich the collection, which with their texture made with Mango Butter, leave the lips silky and shiny. For the complexion, Wycon creates delicate instant concealer in a range of different colours and ultra-light and effective liquid foundations. And finally, powders with an impalpable texture, enriched with essentially natural ingredients, giving shine and freshness to the face. For a heavenly and fresh look, the primer range and Blush Glowssom will be the ideal match to shine under the sun's rays, while the Golden oil potion will be a real beauty treat: a wonderful face potion rich in Jojoba oil and panthenol, to make the skin feel silky, shiny and super moisturised. For the look, Wycon has created a mascara line and eyelash serum, designed to nourish and volumise eyelashes. For the face, the exclusive peel-off mask with oleographic texture and smoothing effect leaves the skin hydrated and repaired. With Glowssom, Wycon wanted to create a fresh and new line, a complete set of beauty products that could be comfortably enclosed in a marvellous and elegant Pochette, to always carry with you.