Inside each woman there is a superwoman who, with her grace and personality, is a source of inspiration.

A mother who, before going to sleep, tucks the blankets giving you a kiss on the forehead, puts away the games and books left out on the floor, washes the last dishes left on the table and goes to bed exhausted thinking about the next day.  

A daughter, a young woman taking her first steps out into the world, looking to find her own direction. The first conversations, the first jobs, the first disappointments, but  with a great passion that burns inside and that will never change her heart.

They are the women who are with us in everyday life, who brighten our lives with their energy, with a word, a simple smile or piece of advice.

WYCON decides to celebrate them all with the new collection SUPERWOMAN,  a delicate and fresh line designed to enhance and brighten the face without hesitation or fear. An invitation to show her true self and never hide.

WYCON offers a powder with an impalpable texture and silky touch, designed to highlight the key areas of the face to accompany the blush for a bright, fresh and smooth complexion. The extra touch? The light powder, which can be used on the face and neckline for a refined and elegant style.

To make the look even more attractive, WYCON also offers a brand new SUPER mascara ultra black which makes the eyelashes thick, voluminous and very long.

For flawless, full lips, the brand offers a coloured pencil that ranges from warmer colours such as fire red to more neutral tones, and which can be used alongside a lipbalm, designed to protect and hydrate the lips.

With SUPER WOMAN, Wycon wanted to create a line dedicated to women, to highlight and emphasise their beauty thanks to the unique and recognisable packaging.

Thanks to the makeup, the woman takes charge of her face and beauty.