Wycon creates a line of  exclusive and indispensable products, designed to accentuate every step of your lip-care routine for lips that are always well cared for and well-defined.

Lip Balm is a delicate vanilla flavoured balm, made of blueberry oil that nourishes and protects the lips.

With a rich and soft texture.

Very fine sugar granules combined with the softness of Shea butter are the essential components of the Lip Scrub, the perfect exfoliant for a smooth and supple effect.

For flawless make-up, Wycon suggests Lip Serum, for visibly younger looking, soft and redefined lips. Excellent base before make-up to rejuvenate the lips. 

Containing hyaluronic acid and argan oil and moisturiser, Mystic Extreme Lip Oil is characterised by nourishing active ingredients, shea butter and mango. The two products are ideal to use before applying lipstick for velvety and soft lips.

To end the day before going to sleep, Wycon offers two unmissable masks: Miracle Lip Mask, an innovative mask with volumising and plumping effect, which can be used as a treatment before make-up or in the morning, and Lip Mask in TNT format, which thanks to the Aloe gives a soothing and rejuvenating effect, perfect for an immediate lip SOS, even on the go.