D-EFFECT  my defect, my beauty


my defect, my beauty

WYCON Cosmetics’ Fall Collection 2018 is a celebration of individual beauty, unconventional aesthetics, and the strength of those who accept their imperfections—whether big or small—and embrace them, highlighting them in their make-up choices, to tell a different beauty story.  Imperfect smiles, scars and visible asymmetries are just some of the “flaws" that are encountered every day when walking through the streets, or simply looking in the mirror.  Don’t hide, disguise, cover or deny them.

It is thanks to them that we can boast of a unique beauty; “flawed”, perhaps, but inimitable. And this gives rise to the word play in the name of the collection: D-Effect, or "defect".

Textures, colours and accessories come together to contribute to the goal of "showing the world who we really are" (the motto integral to the soul of the brand), with a preference for neutral shades, for nude, refined looks that match every skin type and complexion, temporarily setting aside foundation and bases to give just a touch of natural colour to the cheeks and cheekbones, illuminating and enhancing features. Lips and eyelids are spoiled with soft and unartificial shades, such as powder pinks, raspberry and brick, while eyelashes and eyebrows are emphasised, their natural form and grace being highlighted and defined.

The three sunny and genuine girls who are the faces of the campaign were chosen for their unconventional faces and precious differences—freckles, diastema and a visible scar along the bridge of the nose—which are not hidden but accepted and proudly displayed, teamed with the most important accessory:

a big smile.