RELOVEUTION summer capsule collection


summer capsule collection

No boundaries, no rules. No limits, no one excluded.
With the RELOVEUTION capsule collection, WYCON cosmetics is giving a voice to the #NOONEEXCLUDED project launched this spring,
with the international contest aimed at the entire WYCONLOVERS community, who are passionate about textures and pigments, lip gloss and mascara, glazes and make-up brushes.
It also targets those who choose make-up to illustrate their identity, and overcome prejudices and norms: when it comes to beauty, freedom and creativity are what really matters.

Thousands of applications were received from all countries reached by the brand to select the new faces of the RELOVEUTION collection campaign
and as many beauty stories received to illustrate their relationship with the world of make-up.
They speak of love, but also of revolution, emotions and feelings, gestures and experiences, victories and successes to affirm themselves
in an environment that’s too rigid and always ready to judge and divide by age and sex; now they’re spearheading an important message.

 Time is up, join our beauty reLOVEution!