MATTIFICENT  Extra- matt Lipstick


Extra- matt Lipstick

Full colour, liquefying texture and that matte finish that suggests a super sophisticated and vaguely retro look. The MATTIFICENT collection capsule is now taking its place in a WYCON continuous range with 18 shades, from nude to pinks, going through all red tones, for a glam or water and soap touch. The precious ultra rich formulation completely made in Italy that protects the lips has remained the same: jojoba, coconut and olive oil making them soft and hydrated, while the original natural wax combination guarantees an extraordinary hold without drying up. Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant and contains anti-free radicals, for a beauty treatment that unites colour and care in one fell swoop. The new pack by the iconic W encompasses an ultra-pigmented lipstick, with decisive tones onwards from the base coat, vibrant and liquefying, without smears, on a black satin finish base.