Kissed by the SUNSATION Collection!

Makeup in warm, super-bright tones with all the products from our new SUNSATION collection.

Correct minor imperfections and brighten areas of your face with the new RAY OF LIGHT, a liquid concealer with a vegan formula perfect for any occasion. Warm up and brighten your complexion with the FOLLOW THE SUN cream blush and BEAMY SKIN highlighting powder combo... your skin will look sun-kissed!

And for eye makeup? There’s a wide choice! Use the new SUNSATION palette, consisting of 12 water-resistant matte and shimmer eyeshadows, super-resistant even on hot summer days! Complete your look with black SUNSET EDGE or coloured HORIZON eyeliner, available in 4 fashionable shades. What about eyelashes? Try the new WAVY LASHES, a high-performance, waterproof mascara that lengthens, curls and defines your lashes... a 'cat-eye' effect guaranteed!

We haven’t forgotten lip makeup! Start by defining the contour with the new SKYLINE, an automatic lip pencil with a super-fine lead, perfect for quick and easy application. Choose whether to opt for a matte look with the NIGHTFALL - LIQUID LIPSTICK or for a super bright look with the SHINY LUXURY - LIPSTICK. The end result will always be awesome!

What about you? What are you waiting for? Follow our SUNSATION!