It's ok to go nude!

Our new NUDE ADDICTION collection contains all the products you need to create a simple but sophisticated makeup look... suitable for any occasion!

As a first step – after a skincare routine suitable for your skin type – apply our SCREEN PRIMER, perfect for an evening out and smoothing the skin texture; in addition, it is enriched with sun protection factor 25... a must-have in both summer and winter.

Proceed with the new LIGHT FEEL foundation – SKIN BALM, weightless texture and modular coverage for an extremely natural effect on the skin. Fix our LIGHT FEEL with the ULTRA DEFINITION – COMPACT POWDER to obtain a super lasting makeup base, avoid the shiny effect of the T-zone and make the skin naturally smooth.

Switch to eye makeup and create a perfect eyeliner line with our MICRON TIP. A felt tip so thin and precise that making mistakes is impossible! Round-off by giving intensity to the look with the GOOD GAME mascara and its bristle brush, for an "extreme volume" effect up to 24h!

And for the lips? Use our favourite combo: INTENSE LIP PENCIL + LIQUID LIPSTICK... we are sure that you will not be able to do without it! Super defined lips, full colour and extreme durability for makeup that is always impeccable!

What about you? What are you waiting for? A flawless look, naturally!