Ready for spring? 

WYCON COSMETICS presents re-FLOW, the new collection created to create fresh and bright makeup looks. Let yourself be captivated by the pastel colours and delicate nuances of our products inspired by the fresh and elegant shades of spring flowers.

Even out and refine the skin texture with BLUR DETAILS - FACE PRIMER before applying SKIN REBIRTH, a "second skin" effect foundation formulated with peony root extract and natural sugar for a radiant finish. Correct imperfections with BLOOMING LIGHT CONCEALER before sculpting, warming and illuminating the face with the handy HUE MEET FACE POWDER TRIO palette and the new CHEEKS ON THE GO - RETRACTABLE BRUSH for powder application. Create glowy eye makeup with the re-FLOW PALETTE, comprising 15 eyeshadows formulated in 3 innovative textures: matt, pearl-effect and hybrid. Complete the eye focus with LIQUID COLOR, a water-resistant metallic finish eyeliner, and MAXI LASHES, a brand new mascara for extreme lash volume.

Prepare your lips with the CLICK CARE serum and proceed with the application of CREAM SENSATION or SUBLIMATT, two lipsticks with a creamy, matt texture to meet all your needs. To perfect the performance of your lipsticks, reshape the contours and plump the lips with the LASTING EMBRACE pencil.

What are you waiting for? Bloom again! 

It's time to let your beauty bloom.