A healthy, golden tan that stays bright but above all protected. For those who can’t wait to spend all day long on the beach on an “ebony skin” mission, or for those who equate summer with outdoor sports and want practical textures they can take with them anywhere, in their hiking rucksacks along paths or in their bags with rackets and visor. Or even for those “whose skin is aged by sunlight”, and who hide under their umbrella, wide-brimmed hats and colourful kaftans to maintain a lunar complexion. The new SUN CARE COLLECTION by WYCON COSMETICS is dedicated to all such people, thanks to a range of medium and high-spectrum filters which are effective against UVA and UVB, making sunbathing a time to pamper your skin thanks to rich formulas and nutrients based on jojoba oil.

SUN CARE COLLECTION products take care of the face – with coloured sticks and specific protections for the most delicate parts such as the eye contour – body and hair, not forgetting the after-sun period, which soothes and refreshes, preparing for subsequent exposure.