WYCON cosmetics presents "NO MORE TEARS", an initiative to support the project "codice rosa" of Buzzi Hospital in Milan

When you've got the test results in your hands, you look in the mirror and know you're now two people, not one. When the results are still the same on your third attempt, even your attempts to convince yourself otherwise are in vain. The result is like walking a line balanced between a cliff and the sky, between adrenaline and the deepest fear: pregnancy is first and foremost a female journey, a path on dark and uncertain roads, but if someone sheds light on it, the path quickly leads to happiness. But at times the path is dark, and you are all alone.

And it's not a question of solitude, it's about disapproval, anger, rejection: The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that pregnancy is one of the triggering factors of violence against women. Suddenly you find yourself both happy and guilty, a child becomes a mistake, and those pointing their finger are the same as those who decide the sentence to be served.

After the partnership created with ABA, in support of women with eating disorders, WYCON cosmetics enriched its charity format The Heart of Beauty, with the No More Tears campaign, sponsored by Buzzi Hospital in Milan. The Centre is a major mother and baby unit in the city, and was opened in 2012 to support pregnant women in difficulty. Since then around 400 women who would otherwise have terminated their pregnancies or have put their child into care have been supported psychologically and economically.

Even if pregnancy should be characterised by feelings of joy and serenity, it can often bring about acts of violence and ill-treatment, made silent by the walls of a home. Beatings, miscarriages, terminations, psychological violence: the gap is in the absolute certainty that the creator is also willing to give life, that a positive test always results in a hug and not a door slammed in a face.

This is why WYCON cosmetics has decided to symbolically wipe away the tears and cover red eyes: a Mascara and Eyebrown with pink packaging, a tribute to women for beauty that goes beyond the mirror. The proceeds from the product sales will support the project "codice rosa", guaranteeing legal and psychological assistance and economic support to women who turn to it for help.

To believe that Beauty will save the world, it's enough to start by saving at least one life.