HEART OF BEAUTY KIT NAIL LACQUER supports the campaign COLORA LA TUA VITA, created by WYCON cosmetics in collaboration with ABA, association nonprofit founded by Fabiola De Clercq, engaged for over twenty years in the field of prevention, information, research and
treatment of anorexia, bulimia, obesity and eating disorders.
We help daily work of the toll-free number of ABA, through which children, parents and people in need throughout Italy can receive information and support from specialized psychologists. With the contribution of WYCON cosmetics a project for the prevention and awareness will be realized within the secondary Italian schools of second degree, which will result in classroom meetings between ABA psychologists and students and teachers, to foster the understanding and the importance of a request for help that often, especially in adolescence, hides behind fears and
a difficult relationship with food and body. It will also be made the “Book of the colorful life”, an updated information booklet, agile reading, which meets the need for a correct, complete and clear information about eating disorders and so-called pathological “new addictions” (ludopatie, cyber
sex, internet-addiction).