Prevention is hope. Taking care of yourself is a challenge. Doing research and finding solutions is satisfaction. Being close to those who suffer is courage. Healing is joy.

Emotions and experiences that unite the approximately 50,000 women who fall ill with breast cancer every year in Italy, playing an important part in marking their lives and that of those alongside them.

Today in Italy, 8 out of 10 of these women can look at life with a new light in their eyes, in their faces and in their hearts 10 years after diagnosis.

The light of those who have made it, of those who feel lucky, loved, and want to share this light with those around them.

Aiming the spotlights of everyday life on this disease and on those who fight it on several fronts.

Pink is Good is the project of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation which since 2013 has provided practical support for research, through funding for doctors and scientists; it is a force in promoting information and knowledge and encouraging prevention activities on this issue. WYCON cosmetics is now dedicating their capsule collection: Be brave. Be bright. Be you: a new step in the format of The Heart of Beauty brand aimed at charity projects, capturing the light of these people in the three shades of liquid highlighter; the proceeds of sales will be entirely donated to the Foundation.

Be brave. Be bright. Be you.