It's not just cuts, bruises, and wounds on the surface. And it's not only psychological pressure, harsh words, unwanted touches and unappreciated comments.

Violence can show itself in many ways, or not at all, but it damages the hearts and minds of those who suffer from it, often convincing them that it is their fault and that everything they are going through is a just punishment for the wrong type of behaviour or attitude.

We must be strong. Strong enough to respond, to press charges, to say "NO!", to rebel against disrespect and bullying, but also strong enough to admit that we need help and to contact the right people, to know there is someone around to listen, without the fear of being considered weak or unworthy of attention. Because this does not always only effect us, but also those around us.

We should intervene before it is too late.

Since 1988, Telefono Rosa has been supporting women, guaranteeing their rights, and promoting a culture of understanding, tolerance and respect.

Now more than ever, even WYCON cosmetics and all WYCON lovers are on their side, thanks to the new charity project that will support the activities of the Centro di Orientamento per i Diritti della Donna (Orientation Centre for Women's Rights), to protect them, along with the elderly and children, restoring dignity and hope to their lives.

GIRL POWER is the new mascara dedicated to the initiative, a high-performance product that embodies the beauty of good will. Your lashes will get an XXL volume makeover with an amazing 3D effect and proceeds will be donated to Telefono Rosa Nazionale, to support shelters managed by the association, which welcome women victims of violence and their children.