LIFE Join the fight against breast cancer


Join the fight against breast cancer



She almost didn't even notice. She was putting on her new bra, the red lace one she had bought that afternoon while shopping with her best friend. Then, while she was adjusting it, her fingers brushed against the outer side of her breast, near her tattoo in the shape of a droplet with the word "vita" (life) written in cursive. Her skin wasn't soft there, it seemed dehydrated, and underneath she felt a small hard lump. It felt odd and soon the worry, panic and fear set in. A phone call, a doctor's appointment and the confirmation followed. It had happened to her.

This is the first thought of the more than 50,000 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Through an early diagnosis, in 97% of cases, it is possible to overcome this disease, especially and above all, thanks to organisations and associations that support and advise patients, from initial analysis to post-intervention care and post-treatment therapies. With their Heart of Beauty charity line, WYCON is working alongside these organisations on a new project called LIFE, supporting the volunteering activities of the non-profit association Susan G. Komen Italia, which, since 2000, has worked in Italy to offer assistance in the fight against breast cancer, pursuing the mission of making breast cancer a more treatable disease. Over the last 16 years, they have awarded € 1,600,000 to young scholars in order to develop clinical research or clinical improvement projects at centres of excellence in Italy and abroad, and have offered over 51,000 medical services for the prevention of breast cancer and other diseases.

Their slogan is "More than Pink", which means supporting the fight against breast cancer not only by identifying with pink, the campaign's symbol, but also by taking concrete actions. LIFE BLUSH WYCON is more than a product to beautify your face and more than some makeup wrapped in pink packaging: its proceeds will be donated to the association so WYCON LOVERS will join the ranks of the everyday "heroes" who are working with Susan G. Komen Italia!