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Lipstick with a matt finish

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Lipstick with a matte finish. The extremely sensorial and innovative formula gives a feeling of velvety softness, releasing full color from the first stroke, for smooth, polished and optically volumized lips. Despite the matte and velvety texture, the product slides onto the lips with ease and gives an immediate feeling of well-being that lasts all day. 





Apply directly from the lipstick or pick up a small amount using the brush. 
Apply a layer of concealer before using the lipstick to make it longer lasting and define the lip contour with a pencil for a more defined and precise application. For thinner lips we recommend defining the lip contour by going slightly beyond the edges in order to enlarge them prior to applying the lipstick you want. You can also apply a lighter lipstick shade in the center for an even more filling effect

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