Silicone accessory ideal for lining eyes and lips


Silicone accessory, ideal for lining eyes and lips.

Applying eyeliner and avoiding lipstick imperfections can be a real challenge, even for the most experienced makeup artists. The EYE & LIP LINERGUIDE is a simple tool designed for perfect and flawless application of lining products. You can carry it with you everywhere, thanks to its compact packaging!
A 4-sided guide, made of soft and flexible silicone, for easy and comfortable use. Each side offers a different lining effect: a perfectly straight side, two slightly curved, and an arched cupid's bow.
This accessory gives you a steady hand for lining eyes or lips, creating perfect symmetry without smudging.

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Sunday, 29 August 2021 09:17 greta sofia Ottimo

Acquistato perché mi tremano un po' le mani, quindi faccio fatica a fare linee dritte. Devo dire che è ottimo, non solo mi sono venute dritte le linee ma sono anche riuscita a truccare gli occhi in modo identico. Davvero utile